FBA Reimbursement Tool

Amazon Audit for FBA Reimbursements

Our business intelligence platform identifies automatically, and help to get returned money owed to clients for operational errors in the Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program.
The cost of the errors Amazon makes in managing your FBA inventory and processing customer returns likely totals 1-3% of your sales.

Amazon reimbursement

Connect Seller Account

Connect Seller Account: Connect you Amazon seller account with our platform in 1 minute before analyze the inventory data.

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Analyze Automatically

Analyze automatically: Captain BI will work out a preliminary report automatically on what you're owed, usually available within 24 hours.

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Amazon reimbursement
FBA reimbursement

Claim and Get Your Money Back For Free

Claim for the reimbursement: Claim letters will generated automatically for each claimable issue, claim it and get your money back, no additional fee will be charged.

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